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Emergency Services Specialists
24/7 Disaster & Data Recovery

Need I say more?!?
You're working on that big presentation and you have system failure... CALL US... we CAN help!


Home or business networking including cabling, routing, wireless configuration and installation.

Virus/Spyware Removal

We offer top of the line Virus/Malware cleaning service.

Hardware/Software Upgrades

We offer the latest technology to meet your needs.

Troubleshoot and Repair

Is your computer blue screening? Your sound doesn't work?System not running like it use to? We have answers to all your problems.

System Build

Time for an upgrade? We can build you a custom machine at a fraction of the cost.

Tune Up

Is your computer crawling? Takes forever to open a program? Then call us today and we will bring your machine back to life!

Remote Support

Too busy to bring your machine in? Call us and we will remotely remedy many common problems.

Data Backup

Got important data? Back it up! Put your mind at ease, ask us about our remote data backup service.

Phone Support

Don't have internet access? Call us today!

Data Recovery

Need your data recovered? Transfer data to a new machine? Backup your data onto external media? Hard drive upgrades? you name it we can do it.

Web Design

Need a website for your business? Need it now? Personal Techs will work around the clock to meet your deadline.

Our professional & friendly technicians won't hide behind "Geek Speak".


Mon - Fri
9:00 am - 6:00 pm (EST)
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Email: alex@supertekcomputers.com
Phone: 407-466-4114


Serving the Orlando
Metro area
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in beautiful South Orlando.